The proceedings of the workshop will be published by Elsevier in a special issue of
Nuclear Physics B: Proceedings Supplements ("NUPHB").

All speakers and poster presenters are invited to prepare their manuscripts by using
the template at this link and following the procedure fully described in the
NUPHB guidelines for authors :

All the files needed to produce the manuscript (.tex, figures, .sty, .cls, ..)
should be e-mailed as single tar(.gz) archive, to:

to arrive not later than November 4, 2012.

Manuscripts that do not fit the required format will not be published.

Each contribution should not exceed the number of pages specified as follows:
- 35 minutes talks: 8 pages
- 25 minutes talks: 6 pages
- posters: 4 pages.

Color figures will appear at no additional cost on the publisher web site.
However they will appear in black and white in the printed version of the proceedings.

Therefore authors are required to produce plots and figures such that they will be
easily readable in the printed black and white version.

Papers will then follow the NUPHB reviewing procedure so as their scientific

standard will meet those of the journal.

Authors will be also asked to sign a copyright transfer form following the publisher rules.

In particular, all previously published material shall be fully acknowledged in the
manuscript. If any material from third parties is incorporated in the manuscript,
authors shall have procured prior to the date of manuscript delivery, at their expense,
permission in writing from each copyright holder of such material to include it in the
manuscript, consistent with the terms given in the NUPHB guidelines for authors.

For further information, please refer to the NUPHB guidelines.


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